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2023 Distinguished Alumni Announced

Every year, Holden R-III School District honors a past graduate who exemplifies the values, traditions, and successes of Holden High School by naming a Distinguished Alumni. Recipients of this award have shown dedication to and excellence in their chosen field. This year’s Distinguished Alumni is Mr. Spencer Gudde, 1995 Holden High School graduate.

white background with text 2023 Holden High School Distinguished Alumni Spencer Gudde with his senior photo and this yr photo

During his time at Holden High School, Spencer was a multi-sport athlete and a member of a variety of clubs. He served as Treasurer of his senior class as well as President of Future Teachers of America (FTA), which proves he is innately a leader and even then knew he would take the path of becoming a teacher. Mr. Gudde took a long-term substitute teaching position at Holden High School halfway through earning his college degree at the University of Central Missouri and, after graduation, was hired on as a full-time faculty member teaching math in 2001. “Math was far from my favorite subject, yet somehow I still looked forward to his class,” former student Max Mickey stated. Another former student, Stephanie Buckingham, adds, “I appreciated that he ensured we really comprehended what he was teaching and that he encouraged everyone to learn and participate, even if you were the student causing a disruption just moments earlier.”

Another passion for Spencer is coaching. He has served in different coaching capacities in the football, wrestling, cross country, and track programs at Holden High School throughout his years in the district. A former student athlete, Kinadie Peters, said, “I often was very hard on myself and Mr. Gudde reminded me time and time again about my abilities and how he believed in me.” 

Mr. Gudde currently serves as the Activity & Athletic Director for the Holden R-III School District and can be found monitoring progress on the field upgrades, figuring out the logistics of items on our sports and activity calendar, attending various events both home and away, and working with coaches and sponsors to help make the programs successful and beneficial for our students. When he gets some downtime, Spencer enjoys spending time with his wife, Kristie, and daughter, Camille, and playing golf.

Mr. Gudde’s nomination was submitted by his daughter, Camille (who was also a student and athlete of his), along with recommendations from many former students and athletes he made an impact on. He will be recognized as Holden High School Distinguished Alumni 2023 and will address the graduating class at the graduation ceremony on May 21, 2023 at Holden High School at 2:00pm.