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Science Olympiad is Heading to State!

On Saturday, February 18th, Holden High School and Holden Middle School Science Olympiad Teams competed in Regionals at UCM.

Holden High School Team 1 placed 4th at Regionals, qualifying them for State
Holden Middle School Team 1 placed 2nd at Regionals, qualifying them for State

group of high school students standing on stage posing for a photo with awards group of middle school students on stage posing for a photo with awards

On Saturday, April 1st, 32 students between middle school and high school will be competing in State Science Olympiad at Missouri State University. They will be competing in 23 events in Division B (Middle School) and 23 events in Division C (High School).

High School:

  • 1st Place- Scrambler- Sean Anstine & Emma Mallen
  • 1st Place- Forestry- Sean Anstine & Emma Mallen
  • 2nd Place- Chemistry Lab- Ellie Claxton & Katie Quinn
  • 2nd Place- Flight- Lukas Hunt & Marshall Doogs
  • 2nd Place- Trajectory- Sean Anstine & Lukas Hunt
  • 2nd Place- Meteorology- Meki Baslee
  • 3rd Place- Bridge- Sean Anstine & Cooper Redhair
  • 3rd Place- Detector Building- Ben West & Cooper Redhair
  • 3rd Place- Write It, Do It- Meki Baslee
  • 4th Place- Rocks & Minerals- Riley Snively & Malea Brewington
  • 4th Place- Remote Sensing- Owen Doogs & Jaxon Kincaid

High School State Qualifiers: 

Sean Anstine
Meki Baslee
Isaac Bell
Malea Brewington
Ellie Claxton
Marshall Doogs
Owen Doogs
Hadley Foster
Lukas Hunt
Jaxon Kincaid
Emma Mallen
Abby Miller
Katie Quinn
Cooper Redhair
Riley Snively
Ben West

Middle School:

  • 1st Place- Bridge- Sawyer Brewington, Spencer Anstine, & Mason Doll
  • 1st Place- Storm the Castle- Kyler Davidson & Luke Tebbenkamp
  • 2nd Place- Anatomy & Physiology- Fannie Pettit & Jessy Stringer
  • 2nd Place- Meteorology- Paige Landers
  • 2nd Place- Rocks & Minerals- Nevaeh Johnson & Evan Robinson
  • 2nd Place- Sound of Music- Evan Robinson & Lane Kendrick
  • 3rd Place- Roller Coaster- Neil Tebbenkamp, Mason Doll, & Spencer Anstine
  • 3rd Place- Wheeled Vehicle- Patrick Guinn & Sawyer Brewington
  • 3rd Place- Write It, Do It- Neil Tebbenkamp
  • 4th Place- Disease Detectives- Taylor Guinn & Nevaeh Johnson
  • 4th Place- Can't Judge a Powder- Taylor Guinn 
  • 4th Place- Bioprocess- Taylor Guinn & Nevaeh Johnson
  • 4th Place- Road Scholar- Lane Kendrick & Paige Landers
  • 4th Place- Flight- Hayden Shephard & Trevor Snively

Middle School State Qualifiers: 

Spencer Anstine
Sawyer Brewington
Kyler Davidson
Izzy Disney
Patrick Guinn
Taylor Guinn
Nevaeh Johnson
Lane Kendrick
Paige Landers
Fannie Pettit
Evan Robinson
Hayden Shephard
Trevor Snively
Jessy Stringer
Luke Tebbenkamp
Neil Tebbenkamp

Manager: Mason Doll

groups of middle and high school students standing on stage at UCM posing for a photo with their medals