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HHS Classes Hands-on with Briggs & Stratton Motors

Students in Mr. Black’s Ag Construction and Intro to Mechanics classes and Mr. Littrell’s Intro to Engineering class got the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with machinery due to a generous donation of Briggs & Stratton motors from Husqvarna. Briggs & Stratton, the world’s largest manufacturer of small air-cooled engines, donates Basic Training Kits once a year upon request by a qualifying school program; however, this donation went above and beyond by not only supplying one engine and kit, but a whole pallet of small engines! More engines means multiple students are personally able to methodically disassemble and investigate the engineering of the motors. 

students working on a project with teacher supervisingstudents sitting a table working on a projectstudents working together on a project, inspecting a motorstudents in class working on a project


Ag mechanics students have started tearing down their engines. After learning about how a 4-stroke engine operates, students were tasked with disassembling the engine and measuring specifications. They will also be reassembling them to determine if they have proper spark and compression.
students in ag shop working at tablesthree students standing, working around a table with a small motorstudents working together on a small enginestudents in the ag shop working on a project