• Eagle Times, January 2017

    Posted by Wade Schroeder on 1/18/2017

    2017 looks to bring several changes to the Holden R-III School District, as the school district continues to offer the students of Holden a safe and positive learning environment. The district continues to offer a front line education through continued professional growth along with the full implementation of technology into the curriculum.

    The “Take Flight” 1:1 technology program has been successful and has brought about change. We are seeing technology used in classrooms like never before, opening the possibilities for students and staff alike as they reach new levels of comfort with this new tool for learning. While the district did have technology in the past, this is the first year where every student has a device on a daily basis. It is exciting to walk through the school buildings and see students, that in the past struggled to stay engaged, are now successfully staying on task simply because they have a new tool for learning.

    The use of online resources such as the “Google Classroom” has changed, for the better, how classroom assignments and quick assessments are administrated and evaluated. This is providing students timely feedback, leading to dynamic classroom instruction and meeting students' needs quickly. We are excited to see what possibilities will continue to come to the forefront as classroom instructors continue to grow and evolve with these new technology tools. Technology is still just a tool and will never take the place of the work required by a dedicated instructional staff.  

    Want to know what you can do to help a child as we move into the spring? If you have children or grandchildren, encourage them to read. Have them read something aloud to you. Having a child read something every evening is a great way to show that you too understand the value of a good education. Please remember to stay up-to-date with all district activities by visiting the district website at www.holdenschools.org  As always, “SOAR Like an Eagle!”

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