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Our Schools

High School

front of high school building with flag pole to right with US and Missouri flags

382 students
         87  Freshmen (9th)
       106 Sophomores (10th)
        108 Juniors (11th)
          81  Seniors (12th)

45 teachers and staff

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Holden High School

1901 South Main Street
Holden, Missouri 64040

Middle School

front entrance of middle school with bike rack to left with bikes on it

267 students
          92    6th Grade
         101   7th Grade
          91    8th Grade

32 teachers and staff

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Holden Middle School

301 Eagle Drive
Holden, Missouri 64040


front entrance of elementary school with flagpole to left and message board to right

549 students
          29   Preschool
          90   Kindergarten
          85   1st Grade
          71   2nd Grade
          85   3rd Grade
          96   4th Grade
          93   5th Grade

59 teachers and staff

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Holden Elementary School

1903 S Market
Holden, Missouri 64040