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Career Planning

Career Planning for HHS Students

An important resource for students to utilize in career planning is the Career & Educational Planning Guide. Upon entry into high school, every student is asked to prepare a Personal Plan of Study, found on page 24 of the C&EPG. The first step is for the student to determine a Career Path in which she/he is most interested. On pages 10-23 of the C&EPG, information can be found about Career Paths, related occupations, and possible high school courses that are good preparation for the various Career Paths. The second step is for the student to select a Personal Plan of Study of coursework that might best prepare the student for her/his chosen Career Path while also fulfilling the requirements for graduation (see HHS graduation requirements on page 5 of the C&EPG). The high school counselors are available to discuss career planning with any student or parent. 

Missouri Connections

 Missouri Connections offers many helpful resources to assist students at all stages of career development. To enter the Missouri Connections site, click Missouri Connections. If you have forgotten your student ID and password or need one, please ask your Seminar teacher. New students should use your HHS computer login with the password: holden. To reset your password, or If you need additional assistance, please contact our high school counselors.


Occupational Outlook Handbook

The U.S. Government Department of Labor provides extensive information about occupations, education or training requirements, salary levels, etc. on the Occupational Outlook Handbook website.



Occupational Outlook Quarterly Online Newsletter

The Occupation Outlook Quarterly Online newsletter, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, is another helpful career exploration tool. Visit to access the newsletter.




Additional Information


Medical career information may be found at