• The Middle School PTSO has been nonexistent for a few years but we have successfully brought it back. We are limited on our options for fundraisers and events due to covid, but will try our best to bring in funds for our students and teachers. PTSO stands for Parent Teacher Student Organization, therefore we want to encourage our students to be involved.
    We will have virtual PTSO meetings so we are hoping to have more families to join. Please join us at our meetings and bring your student for their valued input. We would love your feedback / involvement and encourage any suggestions to help us make this a successful PTSO.
    Please like our page on Facebook to see our upcoming events, you can find it by searching Holden Middle School PTSO.
    Since Dr. Lake's interest in reestablishing our PTSO began, last year we had 4 successful fundraisers which include Casey's cards, Sonic night, Christmas store and Skate night. For these events, we only required a couple volunteers to raise money for the PTSO. We chose simple fundraisers that required minimal involvement from our parents and students to build our PTSO fund. While our goal for PTSO fundraising is pretty hands off compared to most, we may at times ask for assistance for different PTSO activities throughout the year. This wouldn't be possible without our HMS parents, teachers, students and community for their support this year.
    Your Holden Middle School Parent Teacher Student Organization