1:1 Technology "Take Flight" Program

  • The Holden R-III School District is excited to distribute Chromebooks 3-12 to use for educational purposes during the academic year.  The purpose of our 1:1 initiative is to put current technology into the hands of all students to help enhance, personalize, and further develop our academic program.  

    This year, the 1:1 program has expanded to 2nd grade.  Our second graders will now have Chromebook carts in their classrooms for them to use to enhance the learning experience. K-1 will have classroom sets of iPads in their classrooms. 

    Starting in grade 3, students will be able to take their assigned devices home once they 1) have shown proficiency on the digital citizenship curriculum requirements; and 2) have enrolled their device in the District’s self-insurance plan. Students are accountable for ensuring the care of the equipment entrusted to them.  Students assigned a Chromebook or MacBook Air will receive a computer and charger. Proper care for each of these items is covered in the student handbook.

    1:1 Take Flight Handbook


Enroll Your School-Issued Computer Device

  • ENROLL YOUR DEVICE to receive protection for your school-issued computer device.


    Visit One2One Risk Solutions' website: https://www.one2onerisk.com/ to enroll your student's device.


    All students assigned a Chromebook to take home are required to participate in the insurance program and pay the annual damage waiver fees using a debit card, credit card or online checkThe district can accept cash payments. Parents/students can pay cash at the school office and will be issued a One2One prepaid card to use when enrolling their device. 

Take Flight
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