• Counselor and Guidance Support

    Ms. Kackley (counselor for juniors and seniors) and Ms. Florence (counselor for freshmen and sophomores) are available each day to provide support to HHS students.  If a student needs someone to talk to or is simply facing issues that are making it difficult for her/him to be successful in school or in life, Ms. Kackley or Ms. Florence are available to listen. Ask your teacher for permission to see one of the counselors, come by the office, or sign up to have one of them call you out of class for a visit. If a student is having academic questions or difficulties, please ask permission from your teacher to come see either counselor.


    The Holden High School Counseling Department believes that:



    • All students have inherent value as an individual
    • All students will have access to the school counseling program.
    • School counseling program activities will be planned and coordinated by the counseling staff.
    • Counselors will be available to all students to discuss academic, personal/social and career matters.
    • All students will have access to information about occupational and education planning.
    • A counselor's role is to create relationships to help families navigate the challenges of high school and make plans for the future.
    • The student, parents, and teachers are responsible for monitoring the student's educational progress with the assistance of a certified school counselor.
    • Counselors are available to assist students and families in making decisions about academic planning and post-high school planning.
    • Professional development is critical to maintain and enhance a high quality school counseling program.
    • Building relationships is the key to being a successful student advocate, guide, and liaison between all members of the school community.