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Fiscal & Fiduciary Responsibility

Goal 7: The district will create and monitor annual budgets that promote each student's academic success while maintaining a responsible and responsive fiscal plan.

Action Plan 7A: Create an Annual Budget

  • The Board of Education, in conjunction with the Superintendent, will evaluate the budget priorities list and survey board members when necessary to revise the list.
  • Create annual budgets that are responsive to student needs, have a focus on budget priorities as identified by the Board of Education, and comply with the law.

Action Plan 7B: Investigate Revenue Alternatives

  • Investigate and apply for grant opportunities.
  • Utilize guidance from the district facilities plan to develop a plan for a no-tax-increase bond issue.
  • Monitor existing fund balances and develop a plan if necessary to campaign and pass a new district levy.

Action Plan 7C: Monitor Student Enrollment and Attendance

  • Ensure that class sizes are consistent with grade-level and program standards as outlined in the Missouri School Improvement Plan (MSIP).
  • Ensure that course offerings and time allotments are appropriate at each grade-level and course as outlined in the Missouri School Improvement Plan (MSIP).
  • Monitor student attendance rates and student attendance incentives.
  • Monitor and respond to legislative actions that have potential negative effects on public school enrollment.

Action Plan 7D: Provide Two-way, Reliable, and Representative Communication with All Stakeholders

  • Review district communication plan and methods to provide regular two-way and reliable communication to all stakeholders.
  • Intentionally engage parents/guardians and other stakeholders to create partnerships that support the development and achievement of district students.

Action Plan 7E: Engage in Continuous and Innovative Improvement

  • Collect, analyze, and submit appropriate and required data and make data-based decisions.
  • Use an intentional feedback system to improve and refine district performance.