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Facilities & Safety

Goal 8: The district will maintain safe and appropriate facilities and procedures for students and staff.

Action Plan 8A: Monitor and Update the Facilities Plan

  • Review and revise the Facilities Master Plan with up-to-date maps, diagrams, maintenance and cleaning schedules, short- and long-term project lists, technology infrastructure information, and classroom equipment needs.
  • Audit district technology infrastructure and develop a plan for staying ahead of technology advances.

Action Plan 8B: Update Emergency Operating Procedures

  • Review current practices, research best practices, update procedures, and digitize emergency procedures and Crisis Action Plans (CAPs) for easy access for staff and emergency personnel.
  • Train all staff members on intruder or active shooter response protocols (A.L.I.C.E. - Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate).
  • Review district-wide safety audit.

Action Plan 8C: Update Safety Technology Systems

  • Update security camera systems and software.
  • Expand and improve external and internal entry systems.
  • Continue to improve and expand communication systems.
  • Evaluate and improve fire and alarm systems.

Action Plan 8D: Evaluate Contracted Services

  • Meet with leaders of all contracted service departments to determine needs and evaluate current processes and procedures (Transportation, Food Service, Custodial and Maintenance, Technology, and Special Services).