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Bus Routes

Bus 1

Driver: Sarah Battles

Route: Southwest of Holden just north of LaTour, Medford to Rosehill, and south of LaTour

Bus 2

Driver: Tabitha Woodworth

Route: North of Hwy 50 between (and including) 1501 Rd and part of Z Hwy & Oakshire addition, south of Hwy 50 and east of 131 from NW 341 Rd to SW 200

Bus 3

Driver: Cindy Ferguson

Route: South of Hwy 2, Magnolia, far SE of Holden

Bus 4

Driver: Lori Rogers

Route: East of Hwy 131 & north of Hwy 50 with in town stops at 7th & Pine, 14th & Vine, and Main & Elizabeth St

Bus 5

Driver: Tim Scheever

Route: North of Hwy 58 to NW 150 from 1101 Rd to VV Hwy, NW 1250 & NW 1121, in town stops at Crittenden & Gordon, Elizabeth, and Pacific

Bus 6

Driver: Brandon Pemburlin/Danielle Miles

Route: Northwest area from AA Hwy to NW 450 Rd to south on W Hwy to NW 100 Rd

Bus 7

Driver: Michelle Johnson

Route: South of Hwy 50 and east of Hwy 131 from 450 Rd to Holden with in town stops on Market and Olive streets and All About Kids

Bus 8

Driver: Ashley Dearmon

Route: North of Holden on Hwy 50, 430 Rd, 1401 Rd, 100 Rd, and in town on St. Charles and Niagra

Bus 11

Driver: Erich Mitchell

Route: South of Hwy 50 to NW 450 Rd from NW 2001 Rd to AA Hwy with in town stops on Lexington and Olive

Bus 12

Driver: Paula Odle

Route: South of Holden between O Hwy and 131 Hwy, west of O Hwy and south of KK Hwy, with in town stops on S Vine, 14th, Clay, & 4th streets

Bus 13

Driver: Tim Blum

Route: North of Hwy 50 from Z Hwy to NW 1971 Rd with in town stops on McKissock and Hwy 131

Bus 14

Driver: Adam Pemberton

Route: South of Hwy 50 between Hwy 131 and W Hwy, Oak Ridge, Hwy 131 south and behind church and 1501 Rd north of Hwy 50 with in town stops on Niagra and 3rd St.

Ancillary Routes


Bus Number






Route Description






Andrea Asher



KC/Raytown special services transportation






Mindy Nash



South special services transportation






Annette Vaughn



East special services transportation






Norma Rice



Northeast special services transportation