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Educational Surrogate

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires an educational surrogate be assigned when a student with an IEP does not have a parent or other adult (not employed by a public agency serving the child) to be an educational decision-maker and fill the role of Parent for special education processes. Students with IEPs need an educational surrogate when;  

(1) the student has no identified parent;
(2) the student has parents who, after reasonable efforts, cannot be located by a public agency;
(3) the student is a ward of the state and is living in a facility or group home (and not with a person acting as a parent); or,
(4) the student is an unaccompanied homeless youth  

If you know of a student in need of an educational surrogate please contact the Special Education Office at 816-850-4444, extension 3030  

If you are interested in becoming an educational surrogate, please contact the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education guide for Educational Surrogate Training and online application. For the educational surrogacy process to run smoothly and to ensure we are meeting each child's educational needs, districts must continually recruit educational surrogates.