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Bright Futures Holden

About Us

It's not hard to make the argument that when children's basic needs are met, they are more likely to succeed in the classroom. Bright Futures was created with that premise in mind. By providing a simple framework for both school districts and communities to utilize when needs arise, Bright Futures helps students excel at school by quickly seeking to meet their basic needs that often go unmet due to family circumstances, poverty and neglect.

For more information, please contact or (816)345-0269.  Follow us on Facebook or Twitter from your cell phone or home computer to find out about the latest needs and how they are being quickly met. Thanks for your support!

So who is involved in Bright Futures? There are two main groups that Bright Futures seeks to bring together: local faith-based organizations and local businesses/industries. Each group works in a united effort to directly help students. This includes providing for needs as they may arise, but it also includes volunteering at school events and encouraging students through mentorship programs. 

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Bright Futures Holden