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Holden Foundation Awards Grants

Holden Foundation Awards Grants

Through teacher grants, scholarships, and directed donations, the Holden R-III School Foundation promotes excellence & supports the innovations that make our great district even better. The foundation board and general members accept donations from individuals, families, businesses, and organizations and host fundraisers throughout the year. This fall, nine Teacher Impact Grants were awarded to twelve staff members, totalling $11,419.87. The grants were requested for items such as audiobooks, a laminator & film, dissection supplies, calculators, weight sets and lifting belts, reading rewards, and even an author visit! 

Robin Eissler, $1,116.04 for K-5 grades; ‘An Ear for Reading’.  The grant will increase the number of audiobooks and read along books available for student use.  This will provide another avenue for struggling readers with a new way to learn to read as well as comprehend text. Donor - Mike Keith Insurance and the Holden Foundation

group of four women, one holding a large check, one a blue star balloon, all smiling at the camera

Picture includes: Kyndal Phelps, Robin Eissler, Debbie Snell and Sally Davidson


Kathy Kilgore, $1056.98 for K-5 plus HHS baseball players; ‘Books & Baseball’.  The funds will provide after-school snacks, lanyards/medals and t-shirts for top readers.  Readers will have the ability to stay after school to read with HHS baseball players. The top readers from each class will take turns throwing one pitch to a HHS baseball player at a game.  Donor – Central Trust Bank and the Holden Foundation

classroom with students and adults smiling for the camera

Picture includes Sally Davidson, Debbie Snell, Kathy Kilgore and her students, and Kyndal Phelps


Carrie Christy, Vickie Elkins, Emily Hanewinkel and Lori Smith, $1,000.00 for 3rd grade students, ‘Classroom Libraries Makeover’.  This will allow purchasing new, relevant and engaging books for readers at different levels within the 3rd grade.  Donor – Gregg Montgomery & Heiman’s True Value and the Holden Foundation

seven women in hallway smiling at the camera while four hold blue star balloons and a large check

Pictured – Sally Davidson, Debbie Snell, Vickie Elkins, Carrie Christy, Lori Smith, Emily Hanewinkel, and Kyndal Phelps


Carla House, $2,888.81 for 6th, 7th & 8th grade students, ‘HMS Laminator Replacement’.  The funds will go towards the purchase of a much-needed new laminator and film.  The current machine is over 15 years old.  Donors – Bob & Linda Mickey, HMS PTSO and the Holden Foundation

four women in a decorated library smiling at the camera, one holding a large check

Pictured Sally Davidson, Debbie Snell, Carla House and Kyndal Phelps


Tobi Chambers, $282.71 for the 6th-8th grade participants, ‘Crafting Kindness Club Extension’.  This money will aid in the purchase of craft supplies need to make items that will be given to school and community members.  Donor – Dr. John and Fran Yoder and the Holden Foundation

four women in an entry way smiling at the camera

Pictured Sally Davidson, Debbie Snell, Kyndal Phelps and Tobi Chambers


Amanda Orton, $371.88 for 7th grade + 6th-12th grade Science Olympaid Students, ‘Dissections, Calculators & Robots, On my!’. This will allow for purchasing calculators, flashlights, dissection items and robot & accessories.  Donor – Jeff and Debbie Snell and the Holden Foundation

four women standing in front of a classroom smiling and holding a blue star balloon and large check

Pictured Sally Davidson Debbie Snell, Amanda Orton and Kyndal Phelps


Brandon Pemburlin, $1,784.89 for 6th-8th grade, ‘Calculator Upgrade’.  This will help purchasing new calculators as they are switching to a new model/type.  Any of the old usable ones will be repurposed in other areas within the school.  Donor – Ruth Ferguson and the Holden Foundation

three women and a man standing near a doorway holding a blue star balloon and a large check while smiling at the camera

Pictured Sally Davidson, Debbie Snell, Brandon Pemburlin, and Kyndal Phelps


David Diener, $918.80 for 7th – 12 grade students, ‘Lifting Weight Improvement’.  New clamps, weightlifting belts, and bumper weight sets will be purchased with this grant.  Donor – F & C Bank and the Holden Foundation

weights classroom with a crowd of adults and students smiling at the camera

Pictured Sally Davidson, Debbie Snell, David Diener and students, and Kyndal Phelps


Abigail Weber, $2,000.00 for 9th-12th grade, ‘Author Visit’.  This will provide for author Mindy McGinnis, award winning author of the book Heroine, to come to the school and speak to the students about the process for writing, ask questions and hopefully provide inspiration.  Donors -David & Carrie Anstine and the Holden Foundation

students and adults posing for a photo in a library with a blue star balloon and large check

Pictured Sally Davidson, Kyndal Phelps, Abigail Weber along with students, and Debbie Snell