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5th Grade Math Team Excelling This Year

5th Grade Math Team Excelling This Year

5th Grade Math Team Excelling This Year

On January 29, math team tryouts were held after school at Holden Elementary. All 5th grade students were invited to try out. Based on the highest scores, a team of twelve students was created. The 5th grade team is part of the Holden Middle School Math Team which consists of students in grades 5-8.

Practices were held on Mondays after school throughout February before the first competition at Sherwood Middle School on February 29. Students placed in all 6 categories and, as a team, brought home a 1st place plaque. Practices continued after spring break and the team attended another competition at Knob Noster on March 14. Again, students placed in all 6 categories and brought home their second 1st place team plaque. To celebrate their victories, donuts were enjoyed the following morning at school.

The final two competitions are scheduled for March 18 and March 25 at Holden. Watch the Holden Elementary Facebook page to find out how the team performs. An end-of-season pizza party, with pizzas donated by 2nd Street Bistro, will be held in honor of all of their achievements on March 25. Thank you for your support, 2nd Street Bistro!

5th Grade Math Team Members: Sabella Wood, Hayden Rogers, Penny Martin, Haidyn Martin, Brooke Johnson, Sophia Gilcrest, Colby Davidson, Trinity Corwin, Jameson Capranica, Bailee Campbell, Hayden Brown, & Isaac Baldwin

Sherwood Competition Details:

Numbers & Operations

  • 5th place Jameson Capranica
  • 3rd place Bailee Campbell

Logic Puzzles

  • 3rd place Trinity Corwin
  • 2nd place Sabella Wood
  • 1st place Penny Martin

General Knowledge

  • 4th place Bailee Campbell
  • 3rd place Trinity Corwin
  • 2nd place Colby Davidson

Team Tangrams

  • 3rd place Brooke Johnson & Hayden Brown
  • 2nd place Penny Martin & Sophia Gilcrest

Geometry & Measurement

  • 2nd place Trinity Corwin
  • 1st place Hayden Brown

Data & Probability

  • 4th place Sabella Wood
  • 3rd place Brooke Johnson

Overall 5th Grade: Holden 1st Place!


Knob Noster Competition Details:

Mental Math

  • 7th place Penny Martin
  • 3rd place Isaac Baldwin
  • 2nd place Colby Davidson
  • 1st place Haidyn Martin


  • 8th place Haidyn Martin
  • 5th place Sophia Gilcrest


  • 9th place Jameson Capranica
  • 7th place Sabella Wood
  • 4th place Hayden Rogers
  • 3rd place Hayden Brown

Patterns & Functions

  • 7th place Sabella Wood
  • 6th place Brooke Johnson
  • 5th place Hayden Rogers


  • 10th place Trinity Corwin
  • 8th place Sophia Gilcrest
  • 6th place Bailee Campbell

Team Problem Solving

  • 5th place Colby Davidson & Isaac Baldwin
  • 2nd place Hayden Brown & Jameson Capranica

Overall 5th Grade: Holden 1st Place!