Hi! I am Robin Eissler and I have taught in the Holden school district for the last fourteen years. This is my ninth year of teaching fourth grade. With our new Take Flight Initiative, every student in my classroom has a Chromebook. I completed my Master's in Educational Technology at the University of Missouri in 2008. In 2009, I attended the Honeywell Space Academy for Educators,  and learned exciting ways to teach Math and Science.  I participated in Project Archaeology in 2011, and I brought back new ideas for the classroom.  I completed training for Project Lead the Way in 2019. In our classroom, students will have access to technology as they create projects, use online resources, and participate in interactive applications. 
    I live on a farm near Kingsville with my husband Danny. Our oldest son, Burt, and his wife ,Karen, have two boys. Our son, Gregg, and his wife, Amy, have two boys.  My daughter, Faith, works at Johnson County Parks and Recreation in Shawnee, Kansas..