Student Well-being & Development

  • Goal 4: The district will maintain high quality programs that support the well-being of all students.

    Action Strategy 4A: Provide School Counseling Services and Additional Supports for the Career, Academic, and Social Emotional Development of All Students

    • Employ the highly qualified personnel necessary to deliver appropriate programs and resources to students and meeting the MSIP expectations for staff to student ratios.
    • Continue to support additional district programs that meet the varied needs of students beyond the school day such as Bright Futures and Social Worker.
    • Provide personnel necessary to meet the health needs of students while at school.
    • Partner with agencies and programs that can provide social/emotional assistance and resources to students to maintain good mental health.

    Action Strategy 4B: Provide a Safe, Orderly, and Caring Environment with High Academic and Behavioral Expectations

    • Research and get professional development on trauma-informed methodologies and implement throughout the district.
    • Continue to receive professional development and implement programs related to suicide awareness and prevention, violence prevention, harassment and bullying prevention and response, drug and alcohol abuse, and sex trafficking.
    • Update student handbooks and discipline codes.


    Goal 5: The district will maintain appropriate programs and facilities to provide for further whole-child development beyond the school day.

    Action Strategy 5A: Evaluate Programs, Activities, and Athletics

    • Audit current programs at all educational levels for student participation, facility needs, equipment needs, budget allowance, staffing needs, and program goals.
    • Complete a student survey regarding the interest level of expanding current athletic programs to be equivalent to all other districts in the Missouri River Valley Conference (MRVC).

    Action Strategy 5B: Update and/or Expand Current Activity Facilities to Meet Current and Future Program Needs

    • Investigate the possibility of moving the softball field to campus to improve safety measures for students and spectators.
    • Investigate the possibility of a facility that would be utilized for the performing arts, professional development meetings, student assemblies, parent meetings, and other community events. This facility could also be utilized as a community storm shelter.