child with mask

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain." author Vivian Greene

  • To help mitigate the chance of spreading COVID we are following the guidelines of the CDC and the Johnson County Health Department. Please read through our procedures.



    Students will have their temperatures checked as they enter the building or in their cars if they are car riders. Students will then go directly to their classroom.


    Students will wear masks anytime they are in the hallway or not socially distanced. While students are at their seats, they may remove the masks because of the plastic dividers.

    Students will not have to wear masks at outdoor recess as long as they are socially distanced.

    Teachers will wear masks at all times except recess.


    Students will use hand sanitizer or wash hands frequently throughout the day.


    Students will make their lunch choice and breakfast choice for the next day each morning. Students may bring their breakfast or lunch from home if desired. Breakfast will be a grab and go type breakfast. Purchased breakfasts and lunches will be brought to the classroom by the kitchen staff. Students will eat in the classroom with their classmates and teacher. Students have always enjoyed lunch in the room as a treat in the past. We are looking forward to eating together. 

    All students will receive a snack and eat it the last ten minutes of the day. This snack will be along the lines of a small sandwich, fruit and a drink. This snack is free of charge to all students.


    Meal Prices and Information