• Hello!  I am Ms. Hanneken and am a new middle school counselor at Holden Middle School this year.  I will be working with 6th grade students, at-risk students in grades 6-12, and coordinating testing for grades 6-12.  Middle school can be a very challenging time and particularly this year. I hope I can help you navigate 6th grade and teach you some skills to cope with growing up.

    I recently moved to Holden from Indiana where I have lived my whole life. I have 23 years of experience in education:  9 years as a Business Education teacher and 14 years in School Counseling.  I really look forward to working at Holden but will be learning new things right along with all of you.  Indiana and Missouri have many different requirements!

    I have three grown daughters, one of whom lives here in Holden along with her husband and their two little girls.  I also have the best Sheepadoodle puppy, Poppy, who keeps me company and provides lots of silly antics :)  Cats, Henry and Bleu complete my family. 

    While things are very different from what our normal school year looks like, that is nothing we can control.  I try to take this as a learning experience and one that teaches me more patience, following rules, and respect for others.  I try to find the great things in my life everyday and avoid thinking how much I don't want to wear a mask or how I miss some of the normal things I enjoy. We can only control our own attitudes and reactions to things around us.  I hope you're able to find the good in this school year as well



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