1:1 Technology

  • The Holden R-III School District distributes Chromebooks for students in grades 2-12 to use for educational purposes during the academic year. The purpose of our 1:1 initiative is to put current technology into the hands of all students to help enhance, personalize, and further develop our academic program. PreK-1 students will have tablets in their classrooms. 

    Starting in grade 6, students will be able to take their assigned devices home once they: 1) have shown proficiency on the digital citizenship curriculum requirements; and 2) have enrolled their device in the District’s self-insurance plan.
    Students are accountable for ensuring the care of the equipment entrusted to them.  Students assigned a computer device will receive a computer and charger. Proper care for each of these items is covered in the student handbook. 

Enroll Your School-Issued Computer Device

  • ENROLL YOUR DEVICE to receive protection for your school-issued computer device.

    Visit One2One Risk Solutions' website: https://www.one2onerisk.com/ to enroll your student's device.
    All students assigned a computer device to take home are required to participate in the insurance program and pay the annual damage waiver fees using a debit card, credit card or online checkThe district can accept cash payments. Parents/students can pay cash at the school office and will be issued a One2One prepaid card to use when enrolling their device. 
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