• Directional Words - Capital or No Capital?

    When do you use a capital letter for directional words like north, south, east, and west?  Of course, when any word begins a sentence it should be capitalized, but you also capitalize directional words when you are naming a region.  For example:
    We live in the Midwest.
    The West was once a wild frontier.
    I'd love to visit the Northeast in the fall.
    HINT:  When you see a "the" before the directional word, it's probably a region name that needs to be capitalized! 
    If you are using it as a direction, it should not be capitalized.  For example:
    Turn west at the stop sign.
    My house is southeast of the park.
    Head north for three miles, then turn east at the light.
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  • Wakko's 50 States and Capitals Song

    The Animaniacs' Wakko sings all fifty states and their capitals.  This version even includes subtitles so you can sing along, but he's fast...  You'll have to be quick to keep up!

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