Classroom Expectations:


    Effort and Heart Make Great Art:

    Jim Dine's Four Hearts

    I expect all students to try their hardest to do their very best work.  There are no mistakes in art, only new opportunities!


    As long as students have positive attitudes and are respectful of the materials, their peers, and the teacher, we will all get to try exciting new things, create beautiful art, and have fun!!!


    Classroom Rules Poster
    Everyday Class Rules:
       1. Be respectful.

        2. Be responsible.

        3. Be safe.


     I use more basic terms with students in Kindergarten and 1st grade:

        1. Be a friend.
       2. Listen.
       3. Share.
       4. Raise your hand.
       5. Walk!  Don't run.
       6. Help clean up.


     We will learn the specialized rules and proper procedures for painting, working with clay, and using other media throughout the school year.




    Leonardo DaVinci's Mona Lisa

    Mona Lisa Ready:


    We also use Mona Lisa as a positive example of art room behavior:


    Mona Lisa's mouth is closed, her ears are listening, her eyes are on the teacher, and her hands and feet are still.  She is "Mona Lisa Ready!"




    Art Shirts - Kindergarten and 1st Grade


    This year we will use a wide variety of media including crayons, markers, pastels, watercolors, and tempera paint.  Because things tend to get messy, I encourage you to send an “Art Shirt” with your child each Art day.*


           Shirts that meet the following guidelines work best:


             - Button-up (T-shirts are discouraged.) 
             - Short-sleeved 
             - Adult-sized


    This way the shirt can be worn backwards and easily slipped on over the arms (rather than pulled over the head when it's messy).  New purchases are not at all necessary.  Mom or dad’s old shirt is exactly what I have in mind!  Please write your child’s first and last name inside the collar or across the back using a permanent marker.


    Art Shirts are encouraged, but not required.  All students will be welcome (and expected) to participate whether they wear an Art Shirt or not.  Please understand that although proper painting procedures are taught, accidents happen!


    *Please refer to the Art Schedule to determine your child's Art day.


    Art Notebooks – 2nd, 3rd,  4th, & 5th Grade


    One composition notebook was included on your child’s school supply list to serve as his/her “art notebook.”  We will use our art notebooks for sketching, practicing new techniques, taking notes, and free drawing.


    Because the art notebooks are so important to our work in art class, they are not to go home with students until the very end of the year.  At that point, they will showcase students’ growth as artists and become fabulous keepsakes to treasure for years.