District Mission, Vision & Goals


    Goal 1: The % of students scoring at or above the proficient level on state ELA and Math assessments or approved internal assessments will increase annually to meet or exceed the annual "on track" MSIP target for all students and subgroups.

    Goal 2: The district will implement college and career readiness programs that reflect the needs of our students.

    Goal 3: The district will investigate alternative education programs to meet the needs of our students.

    Goal 4: The district will maintain high quality programs that support the well-being of all students.

    Goal 5: The district will maintain appropriate programs and facilities to provide for further whole-child development beyond the school day.

    Goal 6: The district will employ highly qualified staff members that meet the needs of our students.

    Goal 7: The district will create and monitor annual budgets that promotoes each student's academic success whil maintaining a responsible and responsive fiscal plan.

    Goal 8: The district will maintain safe and appropriate facilities and procedures for students and staff.

    The mission for Holden R-III School District is for all students, upon graduation, to have marketable skills or the basis to be eligible for post-secondary educational opportunities. 
    The Holden R-III School District believes that:
    • Education allows an opportunity for the maximum development of each individual;
    • Education provides basis for the individual to achieve;
    • A democratic society encourages the individual to become a productive, responsible member of society;
    • A democratic society emphasizes democratic values and citizenship;
    • Teachers provide opportunities for the individual to achieve;
    • Teachers create a learning environment which encourages individual motivation;
    • Parents/guardians embrace a basic confidence in the school;
    • Parents/guardians cooperate and encourage the child to give his/her best efforts;
    • Students possess attitudes conducive to fulfilling the responsibilities in the learning process


    • Foster positive relationships with students, parents, co-workers, and the community.
    • Maintain high expectations, and use data to measure achievement.
    • Interpret data to guide instruction and practices.
    • Commit to grow professionally to meet the needs of yourself and others.