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  • SCHOOL CLOSING NOTIFICATIONS: We take this opportunity to inform parents of the procedure used in the dismissal of school due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Many factors are considered when determining to close, including temperature, road conditions,  staffing shortages, or facility issues, with student and staff safety being a top priority. Closings are announced using the following avenues:

    TEXT - Subscribers to Text Alerts will receive a text message
    PHONE - A recorded message will be sent to all Holden R-III families
    EMAIL - An electronic message will be sent to all Holden R-III families who have an email on file with our office
    WEBSITE - holdenschools.org
    SOCIAL MEDIA - Holden R-III Schools Facebook & Twitter accounts
    TV - WDAF (Channel 4), KCTV (Channel 5), KMBC (Channel 9), KSHB (Channel 41)

    LATE START PLAN: At times, during winter weather, a delayed start to the school day may allow us to go ahead with instruction once the temperature has warmed or roads have been cleared, lifting any safety concerns for staff and students.

  • Communication Expectations
    Our district strives to communicate from the inside out. As the saying goes, “go to the source.” We encourage our parents and community to do the same - start with the person closest to the topic, issue, concern and then, if you need to ask further questions or get more clarification, move to the next level. Social media is never our first place to communicate important information to parents - we work to contact parents directly - phone, text, or email first. We’d encourage parents and community members to do the same.

    I have a question/concern/suggestion….where do I start?
    First Contact: Your student’s teacher
    Access phone numbers and email addresses in our District Directory
    If your concern impacts the safety of our students and staff, please call the building principal directly (see below) and/or the Police Department.

    • HES: Sarah Burks, Principal (816) 732-6071
    • HMS: Kyle Stoecklein, Principal (816) 732-4125
    • HHS: Grant Guevel Principal (816) 732-5523

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