Holden R-III School District

District Mission

The mission for Holden R-III School District is for all students, upon graduation, to have marketable skills or the basis to be eligible for post-secondary educational opportunities.


The Holden R-III School District believes that:
  • Education allows an opportunity for the maximum development of each individual;
  • Education provides basis for the individual to achieve;
  • A democratic society encourages the individual to become a productive, responsible member of society;
  • A democratic society emphasizes democratic values and citizenship;
  • Teachers provide opportunities for the individual to achieve;
  • Teachers create a learning environment which encourages individual motivation;
  • Parents/guardians embrace a basic confidence in the school;
  • Parents/guardians cooperate and encourage the child to give his/her best efforts;
  • Students possess attitudes conducive to fulfilling the responsibilities in the learning process

Core Values

  • Foster positive relationships with students, parents, co-workers, and the community.
  • Maintain high expectations, and use data to measure achievement.
  • Interpret data to guide instruction and practices.
  • Commit to grow professionally to meet the needs of yourself and others.

Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP)